Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am currently travelling across the country with my wonderful husband and adorable 2 year-old boy Carter. I am passing out business cards all along the way and hitting every fabric shop in my path. Meanwhile, at home in my sewing room are laying many new bags ready to be sold. My mother and I have been working our little fingers to the bone trying to increase inventory and having fun along the way. So, if you are looking for a bag before I can get home in 2 weeks and before I can get new pictures of the bags posted let me give you some information.

Currently we have for sale 3 products:
(These are pictures for size and style reference only. Many more fabric choices available and all bags come standard w/ magnetic snap rather instead of the button loop. . .I am working on updating pictures, I promise)

Beach Tote- $60.00 + MI sales tax 6%

Day Tote- $45.00 + MI sales tax 6%

Carter Pack Pack (Toddler Back Pack)- $25.00 + MI sales tax 6%

If you are looking for a particular fabric, please look at the fabric swatches already posted previously on this blog and send me an email @ asking me if I have that bag currently in stock in the style you would like. Then you can click on the link to the right that says add to your cart and you can add the bag of your style of your choice and you can pay directly through paypal. Thank you for visiting my blog and looking at our products. Please return often as we are always creating more adorable things!

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