Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting Started

Making bags has become one of my passions. It all started after I made my first bag to carry my busy toddlers things in. I would carry my bag around the community when stangers would ask me where they could buy my bag. I thought nothing of it until the question came everytime I used the bag. I thought other people might like my bag as much as I do, so I started to sew.

I am a busy mom with a 16 month old boy who is the light of my life, next to my husband of course. I also work full time as a dietitian helping people in that aspect of their lives. I am just getting started in the bag world, but am trying to build up my inventory so that others can enjoy the hilary brooke collection as much as I do. If you are interested in any of the bags I post on here I have an e-mail address you can contact me to see if it is still available and the price.

These bags are trendy as well as handy to use in our busy lives. Keep checking back for the new collection to grow. Thanks for looking!


Harris Fam said...

Hil! You are so talented! I am still trying to decide which one and what size I want. I remember you said there were 2 sizes. Would you mind just letting me know about what size they are? Just whenever is great!

Jen said...

LOVE the bags Hil! I can't wait to buy one of my own and sport my hilary brooke bag all the way in Texas! ;)