Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

It is a sun-shiny fall day here in Michigan.   I so enjoy the sun as long as I can here as I know it's days are limited are are soon drawing to an end and the snow will fly.  I am NOT looking forward to that.  But more than that...I am NOT looking forward to all forward to all that comes along with the SNOW!  I'm talking boots, gloves (until they get lost), hats, coats, throwing wet snow clothes in the drier, and the added 10 minutes it takes to get everyone dressed!  Ahhhh...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So I'm enjoying the fall colors and chill in the air for now!

What better for the cooler weather than a great new pattern to make for the kiddos?!  Even better a BG pattern that has enough variations to KNOCK your sockies off!  Yes the "Henry & Henrietta" Pant pattern is FINALLY making its debut. 

I just LOVE this pattern.  Speaking as one of her testers this time around (I was totally giddy about testing...yes I am officially a sewing geek) and this pattern has some GREAT "extras" you will love!  You know how Amy is with her patterns and the great details she puts into her patterns from the cuffs down to the pockets and even buttons.  And if you DON"T know...you NEED this pattern and you WILL!  Here was HBfabrics take on the Henry Pant Pattern...
 Does this kid look mischievous to anyone else?  Oh believe this momma...HE IS!!!
 Look at the details of the welt pocket...I was so excited I made it and it was so easy.
 He loved his new pants and showed them to everyone at the store and to his Nana over in Romania on SKYPE. "My got new pants nana! Wanna see?" He proceeded to shake his tushie in front of the computer screen to show them off. 

I made these from some corduroy I had stashed away with some other fabrics I have in the shop!  Of course the Robert Kaufman Metro Living Tiles in Grass for the pockets and then the Carolina Gingham in Cocoa on the cuffs and suspenders which I was dying to use on something. Then I had to add the buttons to the cuff and those of course came from the amazing Little Red Cottage!   I was quite happy with how they turned out.  You have done it again Brownie-Goose.

So the NEWS you have been waiting for as you were reading through my entire post...WE ARE TEAMING UP AGAIN!  BG and HB are at it again:)  And I am so thrilled.  The pattern will debut in her etsy shop on Wednesday Morning October 17th and if you buy the "Henry & Henrietta" Pattern within the first 3 days of its release you will be e-mailed a coupon code from BG that will give you 10% off anything in HBfabrics store!!!  The coupon will be good through the weekend and will expire Sunday October 21st at 10 pm EST (I just can't stay up till midnight I am sorry:)

We have so many great cottons to use on these pants...I am serious and great deals.  Have you checked out the END OF BOLT section and the $6.50/yd or LESS section? Some great deals.  So get ready to buy that pattern and head on over to HBfabrics and grab the perfect pieces to get some pants on those kiddos for the fall!  We are so excited for this sale and we know you will be two...who doesn't like a NEW pattern and NEW SALE fabrics...ALL in one day!!!

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