Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School - Ready to Ship Sale

I realize that many of your kiddos have already entered the school doors for the year.  But here in Michigan we do not go back until after Labor day!  So I am not late, yet.

  Hey, as a mom of 3 I am good at procrastination.  Especially since I am not TOTALLY looking forward to my "baby" heading off to all day Kindergarten.  SERIOUSLY, where has the time gone?

So here is the sale.  "Back to School" Ready to Ship backpacks.  These backpacks are all ready to be packaged up and sent to your school bound kiddo!  I love this pattern (compliments of Made by Rae) and it is a great size. Just look how it fits on my boys...

Eli is the curly-lock with the yellow backpack on and he is 2-1/2 and Carter is 5 (my soon to be kindergartener).  They are fully lined with coordinating cotton and are made with high quality canvas on the outside for durability.  And for cute added detail they are fully piped!  Oh how I love the piping:)

Now...I finally have a girl model, however she is still too small to model backpacks.  So, just because boys are modeling these bags do NOT think they are masculine.  They are VERY neutral gender!  Now, the pink ones I probably would NOT send my boys to school with, but I would send any of the other ones with my girl.

We had a blast on a quick photo shoot today.  Here are some sneaks of the bags up for sale tonight.

 Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE orange!  Oh My goodness...this orange and navy backpack has got be head over heals!  It brings out the nautical in me.  You will see more detail at the sale...but it is fully lined with navy whale fabric. 

 These boys melt my heart!  They are such great friends and enemies all at the same time.  What would I do without these two hooligns?

 This red and yellow treasure is so purty...I cannot get enough of it!  There will be no mistaking this backpack for someone else's on the coat rack at school!
The bag in action...Eli was enjoying being a BIG KID for a few minutes.  I'm in no hurry for this one to head off to school.

But this boy...his days are limited.  Only a few short weeks and this kid will be on the inside of these doors instead of on the outside looking in.  We will miss him when he is gone.
OK...no more mushiness!  This is it for sneak peaks. 

Details:  Sale starts at 9 pm EST.
I will post the bag on Facebook and the first one to comment with their paypal address will get it.  First come first serve.

This will be my last sale until the holidays!  Lots going on in the fabric shop...so time to enjoy the kiddos before summer is over and keep up with all the yummy fabric arriving on my doorstep everyday.

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