Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HB & BG join forces...

Here at the HB house we are a husband and wife team!  Chris is my wonderful husband who works hard at his full time job and then comes home to help with the kiddos and when all is quiet he also helps with the business! 

He of course does all of the accounting and books for the business.  But he also does 95% of all of the cutting, folding and packaging of your wonderful materials!  He folds everything just perfectly and I LOVE him for it!

Well, we have been doing this together about 3 years now.  And one of our first customers was the amazing Brownie-Goose.  She came looking for fabrics and we found a friend!  My mouth drops everytime she comes out with something new.  I find myself thinking..."man if I could be like Amy!"  Just look at some of her patterns and you will be as smitten as me...

The Blondie...I have been just waiting to get this one and make it for sweet Avery.  Just perfect for summer in Michigan!

Or the Summer Sailors...seriously I want these in my size!  These are to die for.  The details of her patterns are some of my favorites out there:)

Anyway...we have decided to join forces with the mom behind BG and offer a discount code when she releases her newest pattern!  WAIT FOR IT....the Tilly!
So when you head on over to BG and purchase her newest pattern.  You will get a special code to get 15% off of your purchase at our etsy shop

Now ladies...I don't even want to say this, BUT I know we ALL love a good coupon code for fabric.  But in order for us to make this work and keep offering discounts we MUST play by the rules:)  Please don't share the code with others that didn't buy the Tilly pattern from BG.  We will be keeping a list of those that have purchased the pattern...so no funny business OK?!  Thanks so much!

Now that that is off my chest!  I couldn't be more excited to work with the lady behind BG and all of her amazing customers.  So stop reading and head on over to BG and grab up your own Tilly pattern and once you get the code come back by to HB and order those fabrics you've been wanting or "needing".  Like these from the Seaside collection from Riley Blake...

Happy Shopping! Enjoy your new BG pattern:)

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