Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HBC...what's a momma to do!

Wow, it has been ages since this blog has seen any action!  Time to dust it off and get back to work! 

Well this thursday marks 12 weeks since this beauty joined our family...

And we could not be more happy!  She brings joy to this momma!  Sleeps 12 hours at night, laughs and giggles at her goofy brothers, and is so much fun to dress up!  We are so glad she has joined our "CIRCUS".

So as you can imagine this momma has been busy trying to figure out how to take care of three.  And some days things run as smoothly as butter and other days we look just like a three ring circus! 

But with being a family of 5 instead of 4 we have come to a crossroads.  We love selling fabric and getting these lovely materials into great people's hands.  And we also LOVE sewing products for wonderful customers.  BUT, first and foremost...I LOVE BEING A MOM!  These are the faces of the ones that NEED the majority of my time...

So, it was time to make a decision...and a HARD one at that.  But it feels good inside and that is important to this momma!  Hilary Brooke Collection will be focussing mainly on the fabric side of the business...for now!  We will try our hardest to keep in stock the newest fabrics and have what our wonderful customers want!  We are looking to add more variety of fabrics including more knits, linens, chambrays and of course our cotton quilt weights.

Will I stop SEWING? NO way!  In fact I am headed to the shop later this morning to purchase a new sewing machine!  And I will STILL sew some things for sale.  I am thinking of doing QUARTERLY "Ready to Ship" sales.  I even have a few back to school things coming up.  But no more custom orders for now!  We will see how it goes.  It is just too hard to focus on two areas of business and be GOOD at both. 

So FABRIC it is!

We will continue selling like we are on our etsy store...but we are going to spend more time working on selling on the website and keeping all of our fabrics up and in stock! We will continue making the site more user friendly and fun to look at!  By working more soley on fabric it will allow us to have more sales and keep more in stock for you!  It is a WIN...WIN!!!

So that is the plan for HBC!  Thanks for being the best customers this mom could ask for!  I always appreciate how understanding you all are.  

So let the FABRIC begin!

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